Review- I Know Why Mandingos Sing-The Real Reason Why Blacks In America Are So Deadly To Each Other

Published: 07th March 2012
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Author Donald E. Payne announces release of his new book that is becoming the talk of the town and one of the hottest books on Black-on-Black relations titled: "I Know Why Mandingos Sing". Black violence in America which is the theme of the decade and of this book, now available on offers insight into that special Mandinka mentality that has stagnated them for the last 148 years or so, comments Payne. Payne takes us back to the 13th century to help explain his theory about the psyche of the West African Mandinka people and how it compares to modern day Mandingos living in America today. The author brings to the forefront and discard the notion that Jews or Whites are responsible for their overall psychological makeup, and that African American are no different from their counterparts living in West Africa.

“I Know Why Mandingos Sing” is a treat for lovers of black history and black awareness, and is one of those books that you will NOT want to put down. The book points out many things about the Mandinka (Mandingo) people, their psychological makeup and the North Atlantic Slave Trade that many Blacks as well as Whites are unaware of. “I know why Mandingos sing” represents years of research and study by the author on black awareness, black studies, black history, black crime, black-on black crime and violence, and gathering material, information, interviews and is presented as a documented account of and comparison to the psyche of the West African and the African American Mandinka (Mandingo) people. Provocative-historical account of the Mandinka secrets and attitudes that have kept them down since the 13th century. In search for the true meaning and an explanation behind the mentality of the African American Mandinkan people, (what makes them do what they do) Don has probed and searched extensively for an answer from America to Europe to Africa and back to America.

This book is not for everyone, there is a special audience that the author is trying to reach in his account. And this book is not about African Americans or Africans singing, it’s about the un-justice that has been bestowed upon Blacks in America by Jewish and White slave owners with their Mandinka helpers on their side, in their rampage to capture and destroy the West African (American) Mandinka people. This book is also about the mental and physical attitudes that make African Americans so venomous against each other, the Black hatred, Black scepticism against other Black, Black crime and an attempt to answer the question of where the Black-on-Black violence and hatred come from and find out the real reason why Blacks in America are so deadly to each other.

Payne takes us back to the 13th century to help explain his theory about the psyche of the West African Mandinka people and how it compares to modern day Mandingos living in America today. According to Payne "The book was written to bring about the awareness of Black Americans inheritance as a brutal and deceitful people". There have been many books written about the impacts of slavery on the African American Negro, but this is the first time to my knowledge that anyone attempts to explain and address the “origin” of the problems that African Americans have with each other and are confronted with on a daily basis. The book has been in circulation for only a short period of time but already has a 4 star rating, is being promoted worldwide and has been picked up by companies like Barnes & Nobel. Here are some of the things that people are already writing about this book:

“I Know Why Mandingos Sing has really been an eye opener for me historically and mentally. I knew of some of these monstrosities but I had no idea they were initiated by Jews. I have so much more to learn, thanks for bringing this to light. I really hope people will read this book and wake up. Great book!” Keridge

“I Know Why Mandingos Sing-Demystifying the myth of the African American mindset". This book gives a glimpse of the history of the African American as told through the eyes of the Mandinka. It brings about an awareness of the rich heritage and confused mind frame of those individuals who refuse to remember who they are and what makes them unique. Excellent read!“ CBarned

“I Know Why Mandingos Sing: the real reason why blacks in America are so deadly to each other- Donald E. Paynes writing style is fresh and easy to comprehend; full of passion and very insightful. I am learning so much about the Mandingo mindset. The book is written well and the research that went into putting this book together was concise and shows me that it was done deliberately to address particular audiences. Hopefully, it will be read by many in the black community and it would make a wonderful resource book for others seeking to obtain a degree in African American studies”. WBJones

Even though this is Donald’s first written work, I personally think that in many cases he really hit the nail on the head… This book will definitely get some people thinking and put a new light on many problems concerning African Americans; and to my knowledge, there has not been any material written or published about the “true” psyche of the Mandinka people; this book hits Black America in the heart, and gets down to nitty gritty of explaining why African Americans act the way they do. Carefully constructed with chronologically illustrated pictures, the book is also aimed at communicating to young Black youth their worth by showing them only a few of the many accomplishments that great Black men and women have contributed to society, and that Black people have a great history to be proud of. Some times humorous and informally written the book focuses on many of the aspects seldom discussed concerning the North Atlantic Slave Trade and the development of the Mandinka people throughout the last 148 years.

To sum things up:
This is a book that all African American man, woman and child should read and is written for every Black person living in America; all the mothers, fathers, aunts, sisters and brothers living in the United States of America today. The book also attempts to clarify the real reason for the “Black-on-Black” crime and violence that is all too prevalent in the African American community today. It carries you back before slavery to help explain the mentality and makeup that Blacks in America inherited from their West African forefathers and the hatred that many Blacks in America have for each other today-an excellent read.

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